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Diehl takes a new approach to pre-licensing education. We use the latest e-learning techniques so our courses educate, engage and entertain.  The 20-Hour course is delivered by introducing information in the same way or order that an LO would originate a loan.  We also have all state-specific PE courses so you don't have to go anywhere else.  Experience the Diehl difference!

Take the 20-hour Course in one of 2 Great Formats!

Live Interactive Webinar

Our live webinar format (or classroom equivalent) is a great option for those who like live presentations without the travel and can be accessed from any computer with a fast and steady internet connection. Note that currently the NMLS does not allow tablets or phones for live webinar delivery. Those who are skeptical of a webinar format are typically pleasantly surprised!  Our industry-experienced instructors know the mortgage business and regulations.  Full participation through the chat and quizzes is required through the control panel. You will get the benefit of an expert leading you through subject matter, explaining concepts in an "easy to understand"  way and answering any questions throughout the class.

This option is generally offered twice a month and consists of three 7-hour webinars. The first session of the month is from 10am to 5pm EASTERN Standard Time and the second session is from 11am to 6pm EST(Please make time adjustments based on your time zone.

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Online Instructor Led

This format is perfect for the person who needs the most flexibility and is offered in a 5-day format (Monday through Friday). Students have online access to the course day or night and complete activities by applying the course information they learned when answering questions and case studies. Activities are reviewed and graded by a live instructor once they are completed. The key to success is making sure lessons and activities delivered each day are completed which requires a time commitment of approximately 4-5 hours per day. Anyone unable to complete the course within the timeframe would be required to retake the 20-hour course. We allow one free reschedule if a person is unable to take their class as it was initially scheduled. 

Purchasing of this course also offers you access to a weekly Test Prep Webinar Session led by an industry expert to help you be fully prepared.


Added Details About Our Course and the National Test

At Diehl we know your time is valuable. You deserve the best tools to complete the required pre-licensing education and to prepare for and pass the NMLS “National with Uniform State Content” Test (aka NMLS Test). The NMLS Test is comprised of 5 key subject areas and our course was designed with those in mind with our course manual written around these topics. The slides and e-learning course were developed from the same NMLS test content outline. The quizzes, tests and test prep all map back to the same content.

The NMLS Test is comprised of 5 key subject areas. Our 20-hr course manual was written around these topics. The slides and e-learning course were developed from the same NMLS test content outline and the quizzes, tests and test prep all map back to the same content. This allows you to fully learn and understand these topics in the most efficient way.

New state-licensed MLOs are required to complete 20 hours of NMLS-approved prelicensing courses. This education must include 3 hours of federal law, 3 hours of ethics (which shall include fraud, consumer protection, and fair lending issues), 2 hours of nontraditional mortgage lending, plus 12 hours of undefined education (referred to as electives). Number of hours is 3/3/2/12 = 20