Late Continuing Education

In the event an MLO had a requirement to complete CE and failed to do so, and as a condition for renewal or reinstatement, “ Late CE” is required to be completed to satisfy CE for the last year in which the MLO was in a renewable status. “ Late CE” courses are those courses which have been specifically approved and configured so that upon completion, course credit will be retroactively applied to the appropriate previous year. Additionally and in accordance with the Model State Law (MSL), an MLO who subsequently becomes unlicensed must complete the CE requirements for the last year in which a license was held prior to the issuance of a new or renewed license. Diehl and Associates offers LATE CE courses as a 7 Hour, 1 Hour Elective and 1 Hour NC course, independently.

You can direct purchase any of the courses by clicking the course that you need below. If you are unsure what Late CE course you need for your state, please click here or contact Diehl at (317) 272-7600. Use the code 2019LATECE to reduce the 8-hour price to $111!

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