I'm in the Mortgage Industry but want to Get Licensed.

 Can I use Temporary Authority?

If you have worked for a depository for at least 12 continuous months or more and not have a more than a 14-day gap in employment, you can apply for temporary authority. This provides up to 120 days to complete the required education and testing. If not, no worries just sign up and get the course done, then test prep and then the SAFE MLO test!

 What do I need to do to get licensed?

The short version is the 20 hour class and pass the SAFE MLO test. To find specific state requirements, you can mouse over “Get Your License” at the top menu and select your state. On a phone or tablet, tap on “Get Your License” and tap on your state.

 What about the SAFE MLO Test? How much prep do I need to pass on the first attempt?

Chances are you have heard about RESPA …but did you know about 1-4 Family, Residential and Federally Related?

For a passing score you’ll leverage off of what you are familiar with an know, but need to grasp more of the “details’ of the Federal regs which mean.

A good live or online class with video and an emphasis on using Prep2Pass to know where you are at and help you find exactly what you need to study. Start with the questions grouped by test topic and when you miss one, study the Topic. You can use the course text which is in a .pdf and use find to look up anything. Repeat the process and move onto the next group of questions until done! The try a simulated test. After the test, review all your answers and see what you got right and any wrong ones. Get to 95% or higher and then take the SAFE MLO test.

 What we’ve found that helps experienced people?

SMART- Courses that are written my mortgage pro’s
MORTGAGE ONLY- A company that only focuses on mortgage so your course is up to date
UNLIMITED ACCESS TO EXPERTS- No limits on access to your trainer and the team at Diehl to answer your questions and help you win

 What to avoid?

Look at the whole program and buy what resonates with you. Look at prices. Ours are super competitive. Also, look at the company, the people, how they market and how responsive they will be to you. We measure your satisfaction and that’s how we make sure we are focused on what matters to you.

 What’s good to know for experienced people?

You can do this!

It’s takes some time and effort but its’ well worth it. Your first closing as a licensed loan officer will be so rewarding. After you pass the most common comment we hear is “I should have done this a long time ago”.

Cheers to your success.

Questions? Reach out to get your questions answered by clicking here.

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