The New Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA / Form 1003 / Form 65)

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The URLA Training is available 24/7, and provides an easy way for Learn about the form with an interactive walk through. Available Soon!


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To Date we’ve trained thousands on the New URLA form with an interactive walk through and engaging discussion about the reasons for the change, the actual changes and the impacts. February 1, 2021, the course was also approved for 1 hour of NMLS elective credit. Contract is to discuss options or schedule a date for your team today. 

What is URLA?

The new URLA (Fannie Mae 1003 and Freddie Mac Form 65) is optional for lenders to use January 1, 2021 and mandatory March 1, 2021.
The new URLA from is completely different from the previous form with new fields and a new look that’s consistent with the LE and CD.

How the class will help YOU.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand how and why the new form was created, describe the characteristics and benefits of the new design of the form, and review the timeline and implementation of the new form.

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"The service offered on the phone is only outperformed by the live classroom presentation.  Thank you for your professionalism."

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“I've attended multiple government training courses and Marianne is BY FAR the best instructor.”

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“Diehl has always been a great resource for up-to-date training.”

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Trainer Information

Scott Weghorst has trained thousands in the new form and its implications. 

Recent feedback:

I like the presenters and the Q&A format – very engaging.

it’s nice to listen to a pleasant voice that promotes confidence and control.  very smooth delivery made it more than tolerable.

Excellent! Extremely well done and fun!

This was great information. I am a visual learner and this helped me a lot. Thank you.


39 - LCD


The URLA Training is available 24/7, and provides an easy way for underwriters to learn about the most recent industry updates from a live instructor with over 35 years of underwriting experience.


Private On-Site

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