NMLS Continuing Education (CE)

Renew your NMLS License by completing CE that shows you industry updates while keeping the class engaging and entertaining. Our CE Instructors have over 20+ years of experience and continue to receive high ratings and reviews from students year after year! All of this combined with fast credit-banking and reporting your course completion within 48 hours!

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Benefits of Continuing Education with Diehl.

How will this year’s CE help you jump ahead and get more out of CE than you ever have? Find out below!

  • Time-Certified by Diehl

    When taking an Online CE course, it shouldn't take more than the required time. We test every course ensuring that each of our courses will only take the minimum time required, as long as you pay attention and stay focused on the course.

  • 100% Updated Content

    Every year, our team creates an entirely new course for the 7-Hour + 1-Hour Elective CE, as well as every single state-specific CE course. So not only will you be taking a new and different course every year, satisfying the SAFE Act's "Successive Year" Rule, but you will also get the most up-to-date changes in the industry every single year.

  • We Have Your Back

    It's easy to say that you have an award-winning experience. It's another thing to show you have one. Whether it's NMLS Surveys or reviews on Google and Facebook, we always receive amazing feedback on our courses and customer support. When you take your CE, our team will be available to help you throughout the entire process to ensure that you have a fantastic experience.

  • Fast Reporting to NMLS

    Once you complete your course, we report your course completion to the NMLS within 24-48 business hours. That's more than twice as fast as the NMLS course reporting requirement.

Engaging and Entertaining.

As crazy as it sounds, CE doesn’t always have to be boring. Our mission has always been to deliver high-quality education that engages and educates students to power results. That mission still stands today, and since the beginning, we have used student feedback to improve our courses. That’s why the 8-Hour Online CE comes standard with audio & video, and why each CE course is completely redesigned to better engage you every year. From the CE Live Stream and Live Classroom to Online CE, you will not be disappointed.

Take The Next Step.

Use the course selector to find your course, or find out what’s required for CE in your state by hovering over the “Continuing Education” tab at the top of the page!

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Our customer service team is here to help YOU. Whether you are having trouble figuring out what you need, or need help logging into a course, our team of experts are here to assist you every step of the way.

What our customers say about us

"You are part of my success. Thank you for making this a marking life event for me. Thank you so much, we did it."

Pedro, Licensed MLO

"My students, when they take the course, if they pass the Test Prep Materials, I have almost 100% passing ratio on the State and National exams."

Lisa, Licensing Manager

"When we get through an educational event, and I get positive feedback from our members...quite frankly I've done my job, we've done our job and we've provided ourselves a great opportunity to not only retain those members in the association but to be able to effectively reach out to new members and grow the association."

Al Thorup, IMBA Executive Director

*The NMLS requires 

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